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Welcome to Bedrocan

Since 2003, Bedrocan has produced medicinal-grade cannabis under contract for the Dutch Ministry of Health. Under the Ministry's medicinal cannabis program, standardized herbal cannabis is available in Dutch pharmacies on prescription.  The Ministry also exports cannabis for medicinal use to Italy, Germany, Finland, Canada, and the Czech Republic, and to approved researchers around the world.  

Bedrocan strives to bridge the gap between patients' needs for cannabis and the quality standards of modern medicine.  We do this though an active research program and a commitment to sharing our knowledge through scientific publication.  We believe herbal cannabis can, and should, meet the all of the existing regulations for medicines.  Until that time, Bedrocan produces medicinal-grade cannabis for a number of international governments which make it available under special access conditions as an unapproved drug. 
Bedrocan is the only company in the world currently producing standardized, full-bud medicinal cannabis.  


    Pioneering Standardized Medicinal Cannabis.