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The THC-level of Bedrocan© is constant around 22 %. The CBD-level is lower as1%. This product is available as Cannabis Flos variety Bedrocan®.
All varieties are guaranteed free of pesticides and heavy metals. It is also purged of any micro organisms. Bedrocan, Bedrobinol and Bediol are supplied in packages of 5 grams only. Distributor is Fagron Pharmaceuticals in Nieuwekerk aan de IJssel. Cannabis Flos variations Bedrocan is is a medical substance registered under Dutch law.

Note: Due to changes and improvements in analysis methods, the levels of our products will be adjusted in the coming period. Therefore it could be that there are other declared percentages of cannabinoids on the labels of the jars compared to what is listed on our website and in the brochures. Everything will be adapted ASAP. The effects will remain unchanged.